New project for New Carlsberg foundation

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Salto & Sigsgaard, work is finished at The New Carlsberg foundation in Copenhagen. Together with Onecollection we have

created new types of storage for different types of art; paintings and books, sculptures and textiles.

We also designed a new meeting table to stand with our Council chairs, that was originally designed for the TC chamber in the HQ

of the United Nations in NY.

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Salto & Sigsgaard, new project

We have just returned from Designers Saturday in Oslo after the Norwegian launch of the new MOTION chair,

designed for the Norwegian company VARIER. They have some of the market leaders in ergonomic chairs,

– and now they hopefully get a new one that can prevent us from bad sitting habits.

We are proud to be a part of this good and exciting company, see more at

Pluralis table, Fritz Hansen 2016

We had a successful launch of the new Pluralis table in Stockholm 9-12th of February 2016.

Interview with DANISH

DANISH™: Speaking of working in a wider context – what products do you have in the pipeline? What are you tinkering with at the moment?

DANISH online magazine



Member of Danish Design council

I became a member of the Danish Design Council last year, very honoured.

16-24. of October 2015, the Design council had a very exiting trip to Japan in , visiting Sony design development,  Hitaschi, Nintendo,
Nippon Design company and also a very fine pottery in Kyoto. Really interesting to visit Japan in this way,
and come closer to the Japanese way of making things!